Carlos Cabrita Soares was born in Angola in  
1974 to a Portuguese family.  Returning to  
Portugal at an early age he grew up in the  
Lower Alentejo region, in the small coastal  
town of Milfontes. He moved to the Algarve  
in 1995, where he completed his academic  
studies and where he currently lives.

With more than 20 years of professional  
experience, working for various  
architectural offices and design studios he  
has been able to amass a diversity of  
knowledge that improve his know-how in the  
field. With the successful completion of his  
Master’s degree in advanced studies in  
Architecture he made the decision to open  
his own Architectural office.

Using his creativity, dedication and  
passion, as guiding characteristics of his  
work, his modus operandi is based on a close  
relationship with his customers in order to  
achieve unique solutions, which meet in full  
the aspirations of his customers and at the  
same time enhances the building and  
surrounding environment.
Carlos Soares . Atelier
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